Small Business Purchase Order Financing Services

Growth is an exciting time for any small business. Your efforts begin to pay off, and the future looks bright. But you also need the resources to meet new customer demand. Meridian Commercial Lending’s purchase order financing offers rapid funding for companies of any size. Pay your suppliers and enjoy peace of mind plus continued success.

Our Purchase Order Loans


We offer purchase order loans to producers, distributors, resellers and wholesalers. Whether you deal in domestic production, imports or exports, our P.O. financing pays your suppliers so your orders can ship quickly. After your customers have received their goods, we collect payment from them and deduct our fees. You receive the net balance. It really is that simple. Besides fast and flexible funding, our purchase order loans provide you with several useful benefits:

  • On-time customer order deliveries
  • Potential market share expansion
  • More resources to fill large orders
  • No long-term debt or equity impacts

Our purchase order loans are an ideal solution, especially startups and established firms experiencing rapid growth. You can focus on building your business, its reputation and solid relationships with your customers.

Financing Options