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To succeed in business, you need access to capital at all the critical points along the path. Does your business stand in need of an infusion of working capital right now – whether for equipment, inventory to fulfill orders, or other operating capital to grow? Meridian seeks to deliver the working capital and Commercial Real Estate funding you need. And our nationwide portfolio of lending programs ensures you’ll maintain your edge and keep your company in tip top shape as you grow. Connect with us today.

Our Financial Services

Meridian Commercial Lending services large businesses, small businesses in the city or in the rural areas across the US and select areas Internationally. Our goal is to help you get your business where you want to go. Whether your business needs to purchase new equipment, construct your business from the ground up, secure a line of credit or working capital, or refinance your current debt, our trained professionals can help you find a finance option to meet your needs.

Commercial Real Estate

Not every business has the same needs or financial situation when it comes to applying for commercial real estate financing. Even the reason for wanting a commercial property in the first place often varies between businesses.

Investor Real Estate

While there are many commercial loans out there, not every avenue works for small businesses. Small companies and startups have unique needs that traditional lenders can’t always meet. Fortunately, you have options with Meridian

Equipment Financing

Meridian Commercial Lending’s wide range of commercial finance products includes several equipment financing and leasing options.

Multifamily Financing

Multifamily properties are a lucrative part of any commercial real estate portfolio. 

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